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    These are comfortable pink collection slippers which are made up of soft cotton material that gives an easement to the feet. The sole of the comfortable pink cotton collection slippers are made with rubber which makes it durable. These slippers are available in all the sizes of the feet. It gives an immense relaxation to the feet. And also keeps the feet protected. The comfortable pink cotton collection slippers are not so expensive as compared to the other slippers and it is worth the price.

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    These comfortable cotton collection slipper are super relaxing and cozy. The slippers are suitable for all types of foot sizes. Comfortable collection slippers are made with soft cotton material which keeps the slipper warm and gives it a perfect look. It has a beautiful brown colour and got the open toe feature which gives the comfortable feel to the feet. The comfortable cotton slippers are cheap and long lasting. These slippers are fancy so they can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The sole of the slipper is made up of the rubber.

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    The dark red bathroom slippers are the flip flop slippers which are suitable for all kinds of skin type and makes the feet comfortable. They have dark red texture which makes it attractive. These dark red bathroom slippers are flat and relaxing. These slippers can be easily used for indoor and outdoor. It has got the variation of sizes. The dark red bathroom slippers are unisex in nature which means they can be used by men and women both. They are cheap and durable

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    The cotton sliver shoes have animal nails on the outer portion which makes it different from other shoes. These are cotton silver shoes so the cotton used in the shoes are smooth and delicate which makes the feet comfortable. These nails cotton silver shoes can be used for the daily basis and it can be used for outdoor purpose also. As the shoes are fancy it can used for going to the parties. The nails cotton silver shoes are suitable for all kinds of feet. And the shoes are available in various sizes.

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    Pink slippers for ladies are extremely comfortable and has a very good texture. It gets fit on to the feet perfectly and gives a beautiful look. These slippers can be used for bathroom and also for going outside. This product is available in various sizes and it has got pink colour which makes it super attractive. Pink bathroom slippers for ladies are anti-slip and has maximum length by which it is suitable for all kinds of feet. It has got open toe feature and has cozy plush fabric which makes it delicate and comfy.

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     1,199.00  699.00

    Unicorn cotton pink slippers are made with cotton fabric which makes it cozy and comfy. These are super comfortable slippers made for girls and it gives a stylish look. These unicorn slippers are unisex that means both the girls and the boys can wear it. It can be used on the daily basis. These slippers are available in various foot sizes. And it has a good length which makes it perfect for all the feet sizes. The unicorn girls cotton pink slippers are cheap and durable. It has a great colour combination which makes it different from others.

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    The unique cotton slippers for girls are comfortable and beautiful as well.These slippers has got black colour so it is attractive and gives a perfect look to the feet. The slippers are made with a high quality fabric and the sole is made up of rubber which makes it durable. Unique cotton slipper for girls are available in all the feet sizes. The slippers has got a bow made on the top of it which gives it a cute appearance. The slippers are water resistant and can be used for daily wear purpose.

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